FaceKaaba: Iqama Prayer Times APK

– Shows nearby Mosques / Masjids along with prayer and Salat / Congregation / Jamaat / Iqama timings– Islamic Calendar with adjustable local moon sighting dates– Automatically puts your phone in Silent Mode in Mosques– Prayer / Salat / Namaz times and Qibla direction based on user location Allah’s Apostle said, “The prayer in congregation […]

Uber hires former Facebook exec and Firefox founder Blake Ross

Uber has hired Firefox co-founder Blake Ross, to work with them on product strategy. Ross will be working with the ridesharing company part-time from Los Angeles. He announced it on Facebook, where he once worked as director of product.  “I’m joining Uber to help develop product strategy, rally the troops, and improve my passenger rating,” […]

Twitch’s new extensions let streamers customize their channel, make money from Amazon sales

Twitch today is introducing a suite of tools called Twitch Extensions that will allow its streamers to customize their channel pages with interactive features, including polls, leaderboards, tickers, schedules, overlays, and even virtual pets, among other things. Beyond simply personalizing their channel to make it more engaging to fans, the extensions in some cases will […]

Basis Set Ventures gets real to get to the heart of AI startups

Lan Xuezhao has spent the last few months pulling together $136 million for her new machine intelligence-focused venture capital fund, Basis Set Ventures. I met Xuezhao for tea on a park bench in Potrero Hill earlier this week to chat about her strategy for the fund. I spend a good portion of my time meeting with […]

Please let The Friendship Code and its tech-savvy girls be the new Babysitters Club

Okay, full disclosure, I never read any Babysitters Club book. But you know what I’m talking about, right? We all had some endless series we read where a few kids just like us navigated the vicissitudes of life, teaching us lessons along the way. I’m hoping that The Friendship Code, which aims to do that […]

Razer’s gunmetal Blade Stealth is like dressing a gaming laptop in a suit

The chassis of this Blade Stealth isn’t dramatically different than it has been in past generations — except for its new gunmetal paint job. An all-black exterior, backlit triple snake logo and a keyboard with every color in the rainbow is often what kept corporate types and minimalists away from Razer’s laptop portfolio. Everything screamed […]

Nest invites press to a “Big announcement” on September 20

Earlier today Nest announced a new thermostat but it appears the company has more things to announce. Nest just sent invites to an event on September 20, saying it’s a big announcement. No other details were offered. The company needs a hit and the product announced earlier today is not a hit in the same […]

First impressions of Essential’s 360-degree camera attachment

Essential has a unique port around back on its debut Phone, which can handle data and power transfer, and which attaches to accessories via magnets. The first such accessory is Essential’s own 360 camera, which offers you an easy way to capture immersive images and video in a very small package. The Essential 360 camera […]

Climendo Basic APK

Climendo – the statistically most likely weather forecast for your location. With literally 10,000 weather apps to choose from, not all of them will be equally accurate for your location. So how can you be sure which ones are best for you, rather than wasting time, relying on the wrong ones? Climendo has tracked forecasters’ […]

Write SMS by voice APK

“Write SMS by voice” app provides you a powerful and easy in use system to write your SMS by voice. Features: – Type SMS by voice and comfortably edit them– Dictionary parsing (just say “comma” and app will replace it with “,”)– Choose contact or enter the receiver’s number by voice– Careful recognition helps you […]