Glimmer (luminous alarm clock) APK

This gorgeous software softly wakes you up. It turns on the screen 30 mins before the alarm with the darkest screen and increases slowly the brightness.

— /! All the features of this software are usable, but an in app purchase allows you to customize everything ! (From only 1€) —

In the middle of the process it can play birds sound, and if you didn’t wake up 1 minute after alarm time, it plays a strong sound to be sure you don’t miss. It also let the phone check the emails by turning the notification sound off and internet on. So when you wake up, you don’t have to wait to know what’s new 🙂

If you sleep in a dark room it really wakes you up with the light, and if the phone points at you, your wife doesn’t wake up !

One more thing: This alarmclock is able to turn your phone in a “night mode” the evening, and turn back in day mode the morning. And so it shuts down the notification sound, internet, lower the brightness…

***FOR ANY BUG, PLEASE SEND ME A “BUG REPORT” (menu/bug report). THANK YOU !!***

For those who care, here is the explanation of the authorizations:

The app open the flash in torch mode at end of the alarm to add light on your room.
To access the camera flash, I need to ask access to all the camera module.
But… I never take any picture.

I record data about app crash when it occurs. Then, you have choice to send it to me or not by email.

In night mode, the app lower the brightness, mute sounds, turn off, wifi, turn of sync (to not have email notification)

The alarm has a duration of 30 minutes. The screen has to stay open.

When you boot your phone, the app is activated and setup the next alarm time.

What’s New

Targeting Android SDK23 for dynamic permissions !

Additional information

Glimmer (luminous alarm clock)
29.47 MB
1,000,000+ downloads
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ClockQ – Digital Clock Widget APK

Simple digital clock widget for your homescreen. The power of this widget is in variety of customization options.

– Choose between 26 GREAT FONTS (38 for Premium users)
– 4×2 and 2×1 widgets
– Custom colors
– Transparency option
– LAYOUT EDITOR – move, rotate and scale widget elements (Premium users)
– Rotation option
– Scale option
– Shadow effect
– Show date function
– Show AM/PM
– 24h/12h option
– Tap to open custom application
– Weather information °C/°F
– Battery level info (Premium users)
– Lockscreen support (Android 4.2 and higher)
– Tablet UI
– Holo theme, colors and fonts

This application contains Advertisment.

The widget can be added to your homescreen by long-tapping on the homescreen or selecting from widget drawer (Android 4+).

NEW: Widget can be added to your lockscreen on Android 4.2+

NOTE: If you are experiencing cropped text, press menu and select Reset Settings.

NOTE: Please do not move the app to SD-card. The widget can’t be shown after that.

Internet permission is needed for downloading weather information.

Widget settings is accessible from your launcher as ClockQ application.

NOTE: If your clock stops updating, exclude ClockQ from task-killer.

NOTE: If you have trouble with installing (package-sign problem), uninstall previous version and install again from market.

Please, help me translating this app to your language. You can do it by going to

Please send me your feedback:

What’s New

Fixed font scales
Fixed free fonts becoming paid

Material Design
Weather bug fixed

Additional information

ClockQ – Digital Clock Widget
4.12 MB
1,000,000+ downloads
Developed By
Jakub Kinst

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Time Tracker – Timesheet APK

Gleeo Time Tracker is a simple project and task based time recording tool.

Gleeo Time Tracker allows efficient and exact time recording. The user interface is optimized for devices with Touch-Screen and differs in an considerable manner from conventional PC programs. Jump with a single touch from one project to another and track time with minimal effort. Always access the on-the-fly statistics and keep your recording times at a glance.

Features: Time recording on four unlimited levels (domains, projects, tasks, time entry details) / on-the-fly reporting / data export and import in an open CSV format for further processing in Excel or OpenOffice / animated timeline

Extended features with Sync&Team service
The chargeable Sync&Team service provides a end-to-end encrypted synchronisation between several Android devices, time recording in team over domains and it allows to manage your data in a web application.
More info you can get here:

Extended features with Automagic Premium
Automagic allows to automate location based (GPS, Network) and automatic time based recording, to enable recording beeper/reminder, to make periodic backups to SD card and much more.

We relinquish for commercials.

More about future releases you can get here:

What’s New

Recent changes (Version 3.1.57):
– Bugfixes and optimisations

Additional information

Time Tracker – Timesheet
3.46 MB
100,000+ downloads
Developed By
Gridvision Engineering GmbH

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Alarm Puzzle Clock APK

★★This alarm clock does what others don’t do – This wakes you up in true sense! 🙂 ★★

The alarm clocks are meant to do one thing – and i.e to wake you up. But our mind is in such a state that we tend to either snooze or simply turn off the alarm and sleep. Our brain is at the lowest working level while sleeping.

This App makes sure that you do get up !! How and what it does – It basically shows you a simple mathematical puzzle which normally can be solved very quickly with average intellect level but as you know our mind is in a state where even a simple mathematical puzzle will make sure that you do get in your sense as you solve it and hence wakes up in true sense.


►Beautiful time display.
► Easy to use interface.
► Excellent collection of alarm music.
► Volume crescendo – gentle alarm volume ramp up.
► Recurring and multiple alarms.
► Custom labels for alarms.
► Solve puzzle or enter captcha to snooze or dismiss the alarm.
► Random puzzles or captcha with every alarm.
► Repeat alarm any day of the week.
► Options for snooze limits and progressively shorter snooze times.
► Elegantly designed stopwatch and timer

This is an app worth downloading! Go for it!

For Support :

What’s New

Bug fixes.
Performance Improvement.

Additional information

Alarm Puzzle Clock
4.61 MB
100,000+ downloads
Developed By
Phonato Studios Pvt. Ltd.

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SaveMyTime – Time Tracker APK

Forget about time tracking manually.
Average human being checks phone every 8 minutes, around 120 times a day. Save My Time is taking advantage of this habit. App replaces your standard lock screen and every couple minutes asks what you have been doing.

Check your statistics
Save My Time – Time Tracker handles analysis and lets you to:
+ Learn how much time you invest in productive activities and how much time is wasted e.g. on commuting.
+ Check your work-life balance for different time spans – daily/weekly/monthly/yearly.

Customization – adjust Save My Time to your needs:
+ Customize names, colors and icons of your activities to track whatever you need.
+ Add up to nine activities.

Settings – track time as you like.
+ Set how often Save My Time should replace your lock screen.
+ Turn tracking off when you don’t need it.

What’s New

– Added export to CSV file feature
– Changed “Ask later” feature to delay next tracking
– Fixed order of activities in split screen
– Fixed 7 days stats calculation

Additional information

SaveMyTime – Time Tracker
12.72 MB
100,000+ downloads
Developed By
Save My Time

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Original Alarm Clock APK

Do you have difficulties watching the time? You wish you were never late and always worry about effective time-management? This free alarm clock app for tablet or smartphone will help you to relax and be informed at the right moment about all important events. Choose this alarm clock and loud sound of audio won’t allow you to miss them!

Original Alarm Clock with song ringtones will softly awaken you in the most charming way. Your mornings will be sweet and refreshing as never! If you dream to hear bird singing in the dawn or energetic dance audio, tender tunes, vibrating alarm clock or standard alarm ringing – you can find anything you want in this load or quiet alarm clock for free. Do you cherish your individuality and prefer a fully customized alarm app for Android? So, fill the alarm clock with your own audio and enjoy it every morning!

The most Original from all Alarm Clocks for Android has the following features:

– one of the most useful alarm clock apps for free with a delightful design
– multi alarm clock signals and reminders
– very loud alarm sounds free won’t let you oversleep!
– crescendo mode to increase sound gradually
– handy day and night alarm clock widget
– snooze button to postpone your awakening
– awesome alarm clock with math problems to solve!
– lots of signal modes (repeating, week days settings and so on)
– option of an alarm clock app with voice timer (soon)

We’ve created this awesome alarm clock to wake you up free and notify you when it’s necessary. Be punctual, come to meetings and interviews always in time!

With this easy alarm clock custom audio and other pleasures are waiting for you! We’ve put a lot of love in our app and made this alarm clock cute to turn it into a real eye candy specially for you!

Set any melody or sound you like to wake up with pleasure! Besides, this is the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers! You can set the crescendo mode in order to rise gently and feel happy all day long. You can easily set the alarm repeating on the specific day of week as well as adjust the snooze button if you are a fan of lying in for a while.

For everybody who is eager to be in and searching for the best alarm clock app Android, this multi alarm clocks with timers will be the best solution. Multifunctional, good-looking, easy-to-use and always at hand!

Can’t choose among different clock widgets for home screen? Try Original Alarm Clock with audio and you’ll find what you need and even more! Extremely customizable, with all necessary settings, a great choice of alarm clock sounds, a snooze button – you’ll get all these options in the most modern of all clock apps free.

What’s New

little fixes

Additional information

Original Alarm Clock
9.47 MB
100,000+ downloads
Developed By

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Hourly Talking Alarm Clock APK

It’s really easy to use!

Just power on the app then will talk the time with text from 8am to 10 pm everyday automatically.
(Don’t worry! Nothing to set except clicking Power On.)

Schedule Reminder! On Time Alarm

** Real Exactly On Time **
** Never Miss On Time **
** Uses battery and cpu only 24 seconds a day . **
** Set every on hour 0 ~ 59 minutes **
** Use Days(7 * 24), Hourly Text(7 * 24) **
** Interval: 1, 2, 3 …. ~ 30 min **
** Repetition: Read Text 1 ~ 5 times**
** Delay Speaking: Start seconds after bell ringing **
** Only bell, Only voice, Only vib, Only Led OR Available Mix them**
** Speak each year/mon/day/am/pm/24h OR Available Mix them**
** Real own assistant **
** meditation, medication, drug, surgery, medicine, food, drinking water reminder alarm **
** study, play, exercise, climb, time table, management, concentrate, prayer, namaz, azan, quran reminder alarm **
** baby voice **

[BIG SALE Limited]Cuckoo, rooster, sea and gulls,
Make sentences what you want to listen(voice) any hour on hours.
[Text Reader]– Copy and Paste to Hourly Text Edit Box: note, memo, article, time table, medicine, shift, wise saying, book, poet, provision, bible, Buddhist, memorizing item, GTD, etc…
– then this app will read it the time that you need(24hours * 7days).
[Help Blog]

** icon designed by,,

** this app never collect any user information !!
** picture/media/file permission; because use data base table for this app.
** device id and call info; because this app can control volume or vibration during in-call.
** internet/network; just for advertisement

** Loading time may vary depending on the manufacturer or the devices.(tts engine: text to speech)

What’s New

[v3.2.0]1. loading routine improved
2. active time bug fixed
3. option Music playback text modified
[v3.1.9]1. Add ‘Notify with speaker when using headset’
2. Add ‘Notification option during music (movie) playback’
3. Add ‘Language settings (Add language study; Japanese, English, Hindi, German, Russian, French, Chinese, etc.)’
4. Independent alarm ringing bug fix(also silent / vibration mode)
5. Fixed 24-hour mode speaking bug
6. Add plus setting UI
7. Speaking synthesis added.

Additional information

Hourly Talking Alarm Clock
10.86 MB
100,000+ downloads
Developed By

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Alarm Clock Timer Stopwatch APK

Alarm Clock Millenium is a feature rich Alarm Clock app. It also includes a complete Stopwatch, Timers, nice widgets and more…. This extremely amazing app allows you to customize almost everything from alarm settings to look and fonts. Just try it to adopt it!

Alarm Clock Millenium offers a wide choice of ways to wake up with extremely challenging tests like math or puzzle. It allows you to wake up at time in the best way especially with the increasing volume option. You will be extremely impressed by this Alarm App. Welcome to the community of hundreds of thousands of daily users.

With Alarm Clock Millenium, you can create extreme different profiles and when you have an alarm set, you can use it with a simple click.

In addition to the basic functionalities of an Alarm Clock, Alarm Clock Millenium allows you to:
★ Set an alarm with your voice just by dictating time.
★ Wake up smoothly with the increasing volume and brightness features.
★ Select from different ways to stop it (button, mental arithmetic(math), Captcha code, visual test, shake, flip, puzzle).
★ Set and save alarms for either a specific time or within a certain time.
★ Define and activate alarms profile by the default alarm option.
★ Adjust the brightness of the screen during the alarm.
★ Backup and restore alarms.
★ Set the parameters of the vibrator …

The app includes a professional stopwatch and unlimited timers for your daily timing needs :

Stopwatch: You can record laps, share the results (simple click on the stopwatch counter) or save them (long click on the stopwatch counter).

Timer: you can set unlimited timers with different parameters for each timer ( set ringtones, vibrating, notification,…).

For more information, questions or issues, please visit our website or email us.


What’s New

– Unlimited redesigned timers with new widgets.
– Google Drive backup.
– Important improvements.

Notice: Please make sure that your battery saver or task killer apps will not prevent alarms from working.

Additional information

Alarm Clock Timer Stopwatch
7.80 MB
500,000+ downloads
Developed By
Millenium Apps

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Alarm clock to wake you up APK

If you use to dismiss the alarm while you are still sleeping, looking for a cool simple alarm clock without all the complicated features or just wants to set alarm within few clicks without being required to pay for advance features then this free app is for you!

The current version of the good & simple alarm clock includes some basic features:
* A math question to dismiss in case you use to dismiss while you are sleeping. You can also choose the difficulty level of the math question.
* Set unlimited number of alarms (great for heavy sleepers who wants few alerts in a row to make sure they wake up).
* Set alarms in advance for the entire week.
* Use your own personal tone– A audio file from the device or a ringtone from the android OS.
* Special user interface for tablets.
* Loud sound – The default audio volume is the maximum volume for the phone. Great for heavy sleepers.
* Gradual fading in of the alarm audio to wake up gently.
* Works in silent mode. Works when the screen is locked.
* Works also on android 6 (marshmallow) unlike other alarm clocks.
* Vibrate including some advance settings.
* Snooze including some advance settings.
* Quick Alarm – Just move your finger on the screen to set the time you want the app to wake you up.
* Effective tips about how to sleep well, how to wake up energized, how to create the best morning routine and the best night routine.
* Set a default audio.
* Cool and simple user interface so everyone can use it easily.

So to sum it up. The good & simple alarm clock includes a simple and cool interface and is great for all the heavy sleepers, kids, and everyone who wants to set an alarm as easy and quick as possible.

I do my best to make the alarm clock as simple and effective as possible. If you think that my best is not good enough please contact me via email: SimpleUxApss@gmail,com and leave me a feedback (it’s better via mail because it’s a two way communication). If you love the have please review it on the play store and write why you think the app is so good.

Please notice that the android OS do not allow the alarm clock to turn off while your phone is off.

On future versions of the app more free features will be added so stay tuned.

Additional information

Alarm clock to wake you up
6.05 MB
100,000+ downloads
Developed By

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GO Clock Widget APK

GO Clock Widget is a time browsing tool on homescreen based on GO Launcher EX. Both analog style and digital style are supported. The analog style has two different modes that change at 6:00 and 18:00. Up to 9 different themes are supported!

To make it work, you must install the latest version of GO Launcher EX which is the most popular home launcher app in Android Market.

Available Size:
– 4×2
– 4×1
– 2×2

– Set alarms

How to add GOWidget to your home screen?
– Long press on your home screen in GO Launcher EX. Press the GOwidget option and choose the widget you like. Make sure you have enough room for the widget.

What’s New

(Fix)Some small bugs

Additional information

GO Clock Widget
5.57 MB
10,000,000+ downloads
Developed By
GOMO Limited

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