How to preorder the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9 has been announced, and if you want a big, powerful Android phone that can run Fortnite exclusively for a while, you can reserve yours starting early tomorrow morning at 12:01AM ET on August 10th. (That’s 9:01PM PT on August 9th for customers on the West Coast.)

The phone will officially release on August 24th. If you’re interested in Samsung’s latest Galaxy model, you should probably reserve early on, but it won’t be cheap.

No matter your carrier, you can redeem preorder bonuses through the Samsung Shop app. This will include either a set of AKG noise-canceling headphones ($299 value) or 15,000 V-bucks ($150 value), which is Fortnite’s in-game currency. You can also buy both of them for $99. If you don’t buy the Note 9 through Samsung, you can upload your proof of preorder purchase to claim the goodies.

You can buy the Note 9 through Samsung’s website or the Samsung Shop app either unlocked or through a carrier.

Samsung offers up to $450 toward the purchase of a Note 9 if you trade in your current smartphone. Of course, the credit you’ll receive depends on the phone you’re looking to trade in. It ranges from $200 for the LG V30 to $450 for iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, or Google Pixel 2 XL.


  • $999 for 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM
  • $1,249 for 512GB ROM with 8GB of RAM

Best Buy’s preorder offer will take $200 off the total price of the Note 9 when you purchase it through Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, though you won’t see the savings up front. It will pay you back in monthly installments through your carrier.

You’ll also save up to $450 if you trade in an iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus. It’ll be less if your phone isn’t as current.

Preorders for the Note 9 open at Verizon at 12:01AM ET on August 10th. Unlike other carriers, if you buy two Note 9s at Verizon, it will pay you back for one of them over the course of 24 monthly payments.


  • 128GB model is $999, or $42 per month for 24 months
  • 512GB option is $1,249, or $52 per month for 24 months

Preorders open up for AT&T starting at 12AM ET on August 10th. Unless you’re buying the phone at full price, which you can do, it’s most affordable for AT&T Next customers, the carrier’s program that lets you upgrade your phone every year.


  • 128GB model is $33 per month for one year with Next, otherwise $41 per month
  • 512GB model is $42 per month for one year with Next, otherwise $52 per month

Preorders open up for T-Mobile at 12AM on August 10th. If you have a recent Samsung device that you’re willing to trade in, T-Mobile will take as much as $500 off the cost of the Note 9. Paid back as billing credits over a 24-month period, this is a good deal if you want to swap your phone for the latest Note.


  • 128GB model is $999 outright, or $30 per month after $279.99 down at purchase
  • 512GB model is $1,249, or $30 per month if you put $529 down

Preordering through US Cellular will earn you $150 off, paid back in a monthly credit on your statements, but only if you’re a new customer.

If Sprint is your carrier, you can preorder the Note 9 starting at 12AM on August 10th. You can purchase the 128GB Note 9 model for $999 or lease through Sprint’s Flex program for $21 per month over 18 billing cycles. Unlike the other carriers, Sprint doesn’t offer the higher-end option with 512GB of storage and 8GB of RAM.

For new members who activate their service with Xfinity Mobile and port their number over, a $300 prepaid card is waiting for you. Both models are available for purchase here for $999 and $1,249.

The 128GB version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will also be available at Amazon, Costco, Sam’s Club, Straight Talk Wireless, Target, and Walmart. Just keep in mind: if you pick it up at launch, you won’t be eligible for the preorder special mentioned above.