SURE Universal Smart TV Remote APK

If you are looking for a remote control for your Samsung or LG Smart TV, Roku TV, Kodi and other smart media devices then SURE Universal™ is your all-in-one solution. New version with Amazon Alexa functionality!

★ SURE Universal™ Makes Your Smart Home Simple ★
SURE Universal remote is very easy to use! Within minutes of downloading, you can control your smart TV, media streamer, air conditioner, and many more devices. Please give SURE a try.

★ SURE Universal – How it Works ★
SURE Universal remote works best on smartphones equipped with an Infra-Red (IR) blaster. For phones with no IR, such as Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 and Note 5, you can use a Broadlink WiFi-to-IR converter for the full functionality. Using WiFi, you can control numerous smart TVs and media streamers, such as, Samsung, LG, Android, Roku, Kodi, and Apple TV and even Amazon FireTV.

★ Amazon Alexa Voice Integration ★
Amazon Alexa and SURE Universal are completely integrated. Take advantage of this feature and use voice commands inside the app.

★ Stream Photos and Videos from Your Phone to a Smart TV ★
Using WiFi and DLNA, you can send pictures and videos from your phone to a smart TV. Your favorite photos and videos look good on your phone but they will look spectacular on a large high-resolution TV screen.

★ File Copy with Shared Network ★
With File Copy you can copy files from shared folders in a local network to your mobile device and from your mobile device to a local network.

★ You Deserve the Best ★
SURE Universal won the Grand Award at the 2016 Asia Smartphone App contest. It is at the top of the charts in the “House & Home” category worldwide, and is the highest rated and ranked remote in the Play Store.

★ SURE Customer Support ★
We answer all customer requests and suggestions. Please write a review on Google Play or write to us at

We maintain a large database of approximately one million IR appliances, however, some devices may be missing. If you can’t find your device please send your device brand and model to

For training please see our Support and Training section:

★ User Permissions ★
We have a strict privacy policy (see the web site link below), with no unauthorized access to user data, and no sign-in required to operate the remote control. When installing we ask user permissions for the following:

1. Identity – for billing in case you want to subscribe to the ad-free version
2. Location – For advertising and future IoT
3. Photos/Media/Files – for streaming from the phone to a Smart TV.
4. Microphone – access to the microphone for voice commands in a smart TV
5. WiFi – for connecting to a Smart TV
6. Device ID & Call Info – for muting a Smart TV when your phone rings (enabled via settings)

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Bip it Voice Commands APK

Bip it voice commands will make your life a lot easier by doing exactly what you are thinking of doing without even touching the phone!

Bip it voice commands has an auto detect driving mode. When Bip it enters driving mode you can open the app by saying “Execute Bip it” and then whoa, you can call, send a message (both text and WhatsApp), navigate to anywhere, schedule a meeting or a reminder, you even can search for a audio to hear, and ALL of these wonderful things you will be doing while your HANDS on a steering wheel and driving safely only with the help of your voice and with very easy and short voice commands.

No subscription plans, actually you don’t even have to sign up! Just enjoy & drive safe.

Bip it Voice commands can be used also as a personal assistant, which helps you by translating From 25 different languages, and in addition to that it can open the camera and take picture or videos for you, just by a voice command ! Too Good to be true ? Well, download and see 🙂

for any questions, replies or reviews :
And if you liked the app please rate it 5 stars!

★ Quick launch to the app by saying Execute Bit it or any other keyword you choose from the settings.

★ Listen by the speaker to all the incoming text whatsapp messages, with an option to reply with text message to the sender.

★ Listen to the incoming calls caller’s name , with an option to accept the phone call or to reply with a text message.

★ Call and send messages by a voice command to every contact you have.

★ Write WhatsApp messages ( Notice: you have to press Paste button inside the conversation screen).

★ Launching the navigation apps you have, to navigate the address you spoke.

★ Searching for every address or location and get access to various of options like calling them, or even navigate to them.

★ Play audio from your phone or from youtube based on what you choose

★ Launching the camera to take a picture or a video.

★ Our system learns by it self, it can remember your favourite contacts !

★ Custom alert just right the moment you leave the car.

★ On the settings you will find various options including: Detecting driving mode, when to read messages/calles and an few options for a quick launch, from double clicking the lock button to launching the app by a voice command which is “Execute Bip it” by default and can be changed in the settings screen.

★ The app automatically detects driving mode when you connects the speaker(bluetooth) or with location services ( What you’ll decide in the settings). You can also launch the driving mode manually from the main settings.

Notices :

★ Bip it has Widgets for opening / recording quickly in different dimensions

★ While speaking a WhatsApp message you have to Paste the content – long click inside the conversion screen on the WhatsApp application, that way it will show you the content of the message you dictated.

★ All the voice commands presented to you at the main screen in a way that enables you to scroll between them horizontally.

We would love to hear from you.. Enjoy & stay safe.

What’s New

Change app language in settings
Compatibility with Android 7.1 – Nougat
Improvements in driving detection according to GPS
More bug fixes

Additional information

Bip it Voice Commands
16.66 MB
100,000+ downloads
Developed By
Eran Katsav

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Free Antivirus 2017 (MAX Security) – Boost,AppLock APK

MAX Security (Virus Cleaner, Phone Booster, Junk Clean Master, CPU Cooler & App Lock) is the best and most popular antivirus security app, booster, clean master & Antivirus for Android phones FREE!

Free Antivirus for Android – MAX Security’s Highlights:

Antivirus Free + Security Guard + Booster + Phone Cleaner + App Lock + Battery Saver + CPU Cooler.

Mobile Security & Antivirus – Antivirus software and virus removal for Android.
Junk Cleaner – Scan and remove ALL junk files automatically including system and app caches, useless app, residual files etc.
Android Phone Booster – Speed up phone to get it running faster and smoother! Free up storage space on phone in one tap!
CPU Cooler – Optimize CPU usage and stop overheating apps to cool down CPU temperature.
App Lock – Sensitive application lock guard your privacy by preventing unauthorized access.
Data Monitor – Accurately measure your daily data traffic and analyze the data.
Battery Saver – Automatically stop battery draining process to save battery power for longer time.
Quick Charge Master – Auto close battery-draining apps while charging to prevent overheating & overcharging.

Free Antivirus for Android – MAX Security’s function details:

Super Virus Cleaner – Antivirus booster
MAX Security (virus cleaner – antivirus) protects your phone from ransomware, extortion viruses, malware, adware and Trojans. MAX Security is the best anti virus protection and security app for Android, with the ability to scan downloaded apps or files for malware instantly, either with one click or automatically on a schedule.

Super Cleaner – Clean Master & Antivirus Junk Cleaner
MAX Security is also a super phone cleaner booster optimizer, it cleans app cache, residual files, ad junk, unused package and memory cache. MAX Security efficiently removes the junk files that occupy Android phone memory and storage space. Clean up caches and data with one-tap, free up more space and speed up your Android phone!

Phone Booster – Android Phone Super Fast Booster
MAX Security is the best speed booster for Android phone. Max security boosts your phone to get it running faster and smoother and efficiently utilizes your phone’s memory to speed up your devices and improves phone performance with one tap acceleration booster.

App Lock – Smart App Lock Master
With MAX Security, you can add extra password protection to sensitive apps by using fingerprint, pattern or PIN and keep your secret safe from snoopers, such as: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Email, Message, Gallery, Contact so that nobody can see the content in the locked apps without a password.

CPU Cooler Master – Phone Cooler
MAX Security detects and cleans apps that cause overheating & overcharging. Max security continuously monitors temperature changes, detects apps highly consuming CPU and starts a cooling progress, effectively reducing the phone temperature.

Data Monitor – Accurately measure data traffic
Accurately measure your daily data traffic, and analyze the data in an easy-to-understand way. It also gives you warnings when you are reaching the data traffic limit, which protects you from data overuse.

Battery saver – Longer battery life
With battery saver, MAX Security can extend battery life by up to 20{04edb846e1f7ff5cc6c6416fdec5ab17fdb82e2b499db9aa1b216ed4709c0e5d}. Battery saver can detect and stop power-draining apps to save battery power for Android.

Deep Scan – Scan and Examine Files
Max security scans both the internal device storage and SD cards and removes viruses and threats from your mobile phone.

GET Free Antivirus for Android – MAX Security NOW!

What’s New

– New feature!!Disguise Lock,Making your app have double protection & Avoiding embarrassment when someone ask you the password and you don’t want to tell the person.
– Improve overall performance to make it run smoother and faster.

Additional information

Free Antivirus 2017 (MAX Security) – Boost,AppLock
5.70 MB
1,000,000+ downloads
Developed By
ONE App Ltd.

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Dragon Mobile Assistant APK

Your own personalized virtual assistant is at your service. Command your assistant to complete tasks quickly and easily. Powered by Nuance.

Popular Features:

Send and receive text messages, post Facebook and Twitter updates, emails and much more – all hands-free – using Nuance’s incredibly accurate voice recognition technology.
Set reminders, make appointments, and search the internet without lifting a finger.
Be prepared for your day and ask about the weather or your upcoming appointments.
Turn on Attentive Mode to wake up your assistant at any time, even if your screen is locked.
Create your own voiceprint so your assistant will be attentive to only your commands and no one else.
Choose a voice and create a name for your assistant.

Text to speech, speech to text, Dragon Mobile Assistant can do all that and more. How will you use your reliable new assistant to instantly streamline your life?

Take a quick survey and let us know how we’re doing:
Nuance product support site:
Product website for more available features:
Product videos:
Like us on Facebook:

What’s New

– Bug fixes

Additional information

Dragon Mobile Assistant
5.9.2 – build 278
38.86 MB
500,000+ downloads
Developed By
Nuance Communications, Inc

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Quick Settings for Android -Toggle & Control Panel APK

Do you have the trouble to set 3-4 steps for changing Android settings? Try to use Quick Settings, it can help you to quickly turn on/off the following Android common settings with many toggles on control panel:

► Airplane Mode

► Mobile Data

► Wi-Fi

► Flashlight

► Ringtone

► Vibrate

► Bluetooth

► Screen auto-rotate

► Hotspot

► Location

► Adaptive Brightness

► Brightness

► App Manager

► Phone Boost

Please send us feedback if you encounter any problems. Customer service:

What’s New

Fix some bugs.

Additional information

Quick Settings for Android -Toggle & Control Panel
2.18 MB
500,000+ downloads
Developed By
Super Android

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3DMark – The Gamer’s Benchmark APK

Benchmark your Android smartphone and tablet with 3DMark, then compare its performance with more than 5000 other devices.

3DMark – The Gamer’s Benchmark
3DMark is a cross-platform benchmark used by millions of people, hundreds of hardware review sites and many of the world’s leading technology companies. It’s the industry standard gaming performance benchmark, a professional-grade testing tool available to you for free.

• The world’s most popular benchmark test since 1997.
• Developed by Futuremark, the benchmark experts.
• Test your device’s GPU and CPU performance.
• Compare the fastest Android, iOS, and Windows devices.
$bull; Compare the performance of the latest graphics APIs.
• 100{04edb846e1f7ff5cc6c6416fdec5ab17fdb82e2b499db9aa1b216ed4709c0e5d} free. No ads. No in-app purchases. No restrictions.

Accurate and impartial benchmark tests
3DMark includes several benchmark tests, each one designed for a specific class of hardware. 3DMark recommends the best test for your device, and you can choose which tests to install to save storage space.

Sling Shot Extreme
Compare flagship Android devices from HTC, LG, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, and other manufacturers with the latest iPhone and iPad models.
• OpenGL ES 3.1
• 2560 × 1440 resolution
• Requires Android 5.0

Sling Shot
Compare mainstream Android devices with popular iPhone and iPad models.
• OpenGL ES 3.0
• 1920 × 1080 resolution
• Requires Android 5.0

Ice Storm Extreme
Compare low cost Android smartphones and tablets with older iPhone and iPad models.
• OpenGL ES 2.0
• 1920 × 1080 resolution

Ice Storm
Compare basic Android and iOS devices.
• OpenGL ES 2.0
• 1280 × 720 resolution

API Overhead feature test
Compare the performance of Vulkan and OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics APIs on your device.
• Requires Android 5.0 for OpenGL ES 3.0
• Requires Android 7.0 for Vulkan

Benchmarks you can trust
3DMark and PCMark are the only mobile benchmarks protected by rules for manufacturers. What’s more, all our benchmarks are supported by detailed technical guides that explain exactly what’s being measured and how the scores are calculated. Better benchmarking starts here.

3DMark technical guide:

Futuremark benchmark rules:

Sling Shot minimum requirements
OS: Android 5.0 or later
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: OpenGL ES 3.0 compatible
Storage: 203 MB for app + tests

Sling Shot Extreme minimum requirements
OS: Android 5.0 or later
Memory: 1.5 GB
Graphics: OpenGL ES 3.1 compatible
Storage: 203 MB for app + tests

Ice Storm minimum requirements
OS: Android 4.0 or later
Memory: 1 GB (1024 MB)
Graphics: OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible
Storage: 235 MB for app + tests

API Overhead feature test minimum requirements
OS: Android 7.0 (for Vulkan); Android 5.0 or later (for OpenGL ES 3.0)
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: Vulkan and OpenGL ES 3.0 compatible
Storage: 113 MB for app + test

Benchmark tests are downloaded and installed from within the app. 3DMark recommends the best benchmark for your device. You can save storage space by installing only the tests you need. You will need 355 MB of free storage space to install all the available tests.

This app is for non-commercial use only
• Business users contact for licensing.
• Members of the press please contact

What’s New

Compare the performance of Vulkan and OpenGL ES 3.0 with the new API Overhead feature test.

Additional information

3DMark – The Gamer’s Benchmark
24.50 MB
1,000,000+ downloads
Developed By
Futuremark Oy

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UFO Cleaner APK

UFO Cleaner is the latest in phone performance boosting apps that will keep your phone running fast!

Keep your phone clean and fast:

Automatically detect phone performance, and 1-tap to speed up your phone as much as 80{04edb846e1f7ff5cc6c6416fdec5ab17fdb82e2b499db9aa1b216ed4709c0e5d}

Clean up junk files and cache to free up space

Kill background running apps and auto-launched apps to make your phone faster

Detect and clean apps that cause CPU overheating to improve phone performance

A single touch to speed up your device from your home screen.

► Apps Manager
The Apps Manager informs you of the storage space your apps are taking and you can uninstall unwanted apps and back up important ones. With this feature, you can easily find useful apps that match your interests.

Download UFO Cleaner today for enhanced performance and better speeds.

If you have any question about UFO Cleaner, please mail us at

What’s New

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Additional information

UFO Cleaner
8.53 MB
100,000+ downloads
Developed By
SU Cleaner Team ( Speed & Booster )

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Super Security – Antivirus Free APK

FREE antivirus and mobile security app for Android phone with speed booster and app lock

🏆Super Security Antivirus Free – the best mobile antivirus app with virus cleaner(mobile antivirus), mobile speed booster and app lock. Provide anti virus protection, anti malware, speed booster, app lock and more!

Professional antivirus security solution for Android mobile, totally for FREE now.

Impressive Features of Super Security – Antivirus Free:
Anti Virus Protection: Virus cleaner with huge virus databases and TOP AV-TEST recognized.
Anti Malware: Real-time detection of malware for free.
Speed Booster: Mobile Phone faster than ever with simple operation.
App Lock: Your privacy guard.
Cleaner: Free memory and boost phone speed.
Deep Virus Scan: Virus cleaner. Nowhere to hide security issues.

Everything you need for mobile security is packed in Super Security – the best antivirus for android!

🔒 Antivirus – All time stand by, all-round security protection
Professional anti virus and anti malware protection. Scan and remove viruses from your mobile. Super Security – Antivirus Free includes real-time security (antivirus) updates, scans for malware, viruses, adware, trojan and more.

🔒 Booster – Speed up phone
Speed up phone, free up storage space on phone, boost phone speed and boost game performance. Super Security – Antivirus Free with 1 tap booster on home screen.

🔒 App Lock – Android Privacy guard
Super Security – Antivirus Free locks private apps to keep others from your secrets. WhatsApp messages, Facebook notifications, unread Email, Gallery, Contacts…Super Security – Antivirus Free is your privacy guard app. With Intruder Selfie app lock you will get the evidence if someone tries to invade your privacy.

🔒 Cleaner – Clean master fro Android Mobile
Junk Cleaner can free up space by removing useless files produced by android system and apps, which may occupy over 1GB of mobile phone storage. Clean junk files and boost speed, make mobile phone faster. Speed up phone and save battery power long time.

🔒 Battery Protection, File Scan & Real-time Protection
Battery doctor battery saver for android mobile phone. Battery saver can extend battery life, provide overcharge battery protection. With file scanner, Super Security can thoroughly detect and remove spy app and automatically scan your mobile on scheduled times.

Click feedback and tell us what you want!

What’s New

– Smart reminder for junk clean after you use apps!
– Improvements for reliability and speed.

Additional information

Super Security – Antivirus Free
6.02 MB
500,000+ downloads
Developed By
Mobile Security Lab.

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Magic Video Downloader APK

Magic Video Downloader Free to download all your favorite videos from all sites .


-Support most video websites and all video format .

-Super Downloader with Parallel Method .

-Integrated web browser to find your favorit video .

-free no limted download .

-Material UI and easy to use .

IMPORTANT : Downloading Files that are Protected by copyright is prohibited and regulated by the laws of the country .

NOTICE : This app is Not Support Youtube Downloading due to their Terms Of Service

What’s New

fix bugs

Additional information

Magic Video Downloader
4.97 MB
500,000+ downloads
Developed By
Sally Maher

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Systweak Android Cleaner APK

Systweak Android Cleaner is a powerful and effective app to optimize your device’s performance. Primarily, the app cleans junk files, saves battery, and deletes duplicate files to retrieve space and improve overall device performance.

Features of Systweak Android Cleaner:

 −Scheduled Cleaning (cache cleaner and RAM optimizer)

Cleaning phone cache and optimizing RAM manually is a tough job. Scheduled cleaning is one of the best features of Systweak Android Cleaner. It boosts your phone’s performance automatically. If you don’t want to set a schedule, you can also do it manually by tapping on Phone Boost button.

 −Junk File Cleaner (clutter remover)

Junk files take up a lot of device space unnecessarily. Android devices get cluttered with hundreds of junk files after prolonged usage. Junk File Cleaner module detects and securely removes this clutter, frees up space and improves phone speed.

 −Battery Saver (battery rejuvenator)

One of the major concerns of Android users is that the device battery gets drained very quickly. Battery Saver detects and closes apps that are not in use but are still running in the background to sync data and perform other silent tasks. It also shows the temperature of your device.

 −Game Booster (better gaming experience)

It’s frustrating when you experience performance or stability issues while playing games on your device. Game Booster option frees up valuable resources and RAM which is much needed for playing games, resulting in smoother, more responsive game play. It also suspends any processes running in the background temporarily for your gaming pleasure.

 −Manage Storage Efficiently (App Manager)

‘App Manger’ detects and displays space-hogging apps that you no longer use. You can uninstall and disable such apps along with leftover data after app uninstallation. This helps you recover considerable amount of storage, boost RAM and reduce battery consumption. You can also take a backup of .apk files using Archive option before deleting them.

 −File Explorer (manage your files efficiently)

File Explorer helps you manage files stored on your device efficiently and easily. It works as a smart viewer to categorize files. You can share, take backup of your files and even delete them using File Explorer.

 −Duplicate Files Remover (space saver)

It thoroughly scans your device for duplicate files based on content, file name and file type and displays them in a categorized way. By default, duplicates are auto marked for deletion except for the original source copy. The auto marked files can be deleted to recover precious space used up by duplicate files.

 −Hibernate (hibernation module)

The Hibernate module helps to save maximum battery by hibernating apps which are not in use or have been inactive for a long time. This prevents your device from the much-dreaded battery drain.

 −New Additions:

 −Hidden Files

This module helps you view, archive, rename and delete hidden files stored on your device. You cannot see such files as they are hidden from normal view.

 −WhatsApp Module

When running low on space, you can use this feature to view all WhatsApp media including images, videos, audio files and documents etc. sent and received at one place. You can then delete unwanted media to save space and improve device performance.

 −Notification Module

Receiving constant notifications from the apps installed on your Android device can be very irritating. The Notification module helps suppress notifications of selected apps from being displayed in the notification bar. These notifications can be viewed later as per user’s convenience.

What’s New

Introducing New Features & Fresh Dashboard UI
1. Hidden Files: To see/edit hidden files/Folder
2. WhatsApp: To see send and receives Files with preview
3. Notification: To manage Apps Notifications easily.
4. Improved Scan Engine.

Additional information

Systweak Android Cleaner
19.23 MB
100,000+ downloads
Developed By
Systweak Software

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